Branch Performance Monitor (BPM / ARTM)

Branch performance monitor (BPM) known as Application Response Time Monitor (ARTM) is a branch operations control, monitoring and performance analysis solution.

Head of Branchoperations and IT team could view, monitor (real time) and analyze the performance of branches, users, transactions (Application Performance), throughput , network, round trip response timings of transactions (Branch to Head Office and Head office to branches), content presentation timings (Branch desktops) to have entire branches under control and enables them to take appropriate actions in real time to resolve IT and Business problems to enhance smooth branch operations of the bank.

It enables them view and analyze the captured data using integrated dashboard and reporting features to enhance performance of problematic branches, users, application( T24 Application objects (Transactions, Enquiries, Versions , Reports etc) , Network ( Branch to head office and Head Office to branch), Local desktops ( content presentation).

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Fig 1.1 Branch & Transaction view
Fig 1.2 Transaction & Request dashboard view


tPM digitizes consumer contet ( Home Loan, Vehicle Loan Application forms and contracts, Approval Letters, Customer statements, Loan statements, Import and export Letter of Credit contracts) on English, Arabic and other languages.

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Fig 1.1 Consumer and Vehicle Finance Loan Application
Fig 1.2 Loan agreement
Fig 1.3 Approval in principle letter
Fig 1.4 Approval in principle for topup
Fig 1.5 Approval in principle for personal loan

Service Monitor

Service Monitor is a T24 monitoring solution to monitor T24 Online and COB services at real time. It assists IT operations Team to monitor T24 Online / Services ,COB services effectively and efficiently. It also enables to take actions pro-actively. Information at various levels of T24 services processing is collected and displayed in real time to indicate status and progress of COB and online services.

Information / metrics related to service processing is grouped into respective view to show respective information under one roof. It helps IT operations teamto look for right information at respective view. Integrated dashboard of service monitor comprises collection of suchviews which displays information related to services processing at real time. It also offers mechanism to customize / resize views according to user needs. The customized view could be stored and restored as part of user work space.

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Data Manager (DM)

Data Manager (DM) is a data management solution for Temenos T24 Core banking solution to perform data record amendments.The primary objective of this solution is to eliminate the need to perform or post data corrections from T24 Application server using text editors, where there is no track on changes performed on data records DM comprises integrated record editing features, where the field values could be amended /deleted during mission critical process (I.e COB).

It manages and logs all the changes performed on Independent (MSSQL DB) for Audit / analysis / troubleshooting.DM also comprises integrated change management system to keep track of changes performed for various applications / files.

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tCON is a monitoring & analytical solution to monitor commands performed through jshell. It captures the commands performed through jshell on stores same on SQL DB for real time & historical analysis.The commands performed through an specific session is uniquely identified and grouped through session id (tty).

The grouped data is collected by an R+ Agent and transfers same to R+ Server for storage of same on Database. tCON captures all types of commands performed through jshell.Following are some of the widely used commands captured through tCON.

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